For any man who's ready to rise up against the narrative of “toxic masculinity”

Build your strength. Harness it for good.

Take a stand for true masculinity.

It’s time for men everywhere to stand together against the establishment, expand the brotherhood of truthkeepers, and take back informed health autonomy…

… free from the lies of the modern medical matrix…

… free from the oppressive globalist agenda…

… and free from hormone-disrupting chemicals that are stealing your vitality!

This summer, flip the narrative around masculinity, and be part of a movement of men who are HERE for the truth


“Doctors like you are the future, and by going public as you did, you have earned the badge of honor and the trust of the awake people of this planet.” —A.

Navigate life with strength, confidence, and true masculinity

Too many men have been metaphorically castrated by the current cultural narrative.

Men who could be using their strength to defend society from the globalist agenda find themselves…

  • “Pleasantly” numbed out on the couch.
  • Distracted by “professional” sports and the psyop of the moment.
  • Devouring plastic-packed, low-to-no nutrient foods deep fried in seed oils
  • And washing them down with endocrine-disrupting alcoholic beverages that leave us weak and demoralized…

They are muzzled, canceled, and told to stand down if they want to keep their job, their friendships, and what’s left of their personal power.

But staying silent is a short-term solution. It won't enable you to reach your full potential. And it certainly is not serving society.

It’s time for men everywhere to rise up, take control of their health, and reclaim their true masculinity. For themselves, their families, and for the good of future generations.

The war against true masculinity is ongoing and malicious.

Although the feminist movement purported to give women freedom and agency, it also came with a host of challenges that didn't actually empower women, men, or families.

Men lost their place as the stalwart and strong provider and protector of their family. Boys were not supported to excel in the school system, and no place remained to express healthy male strength.

Women often became over-burdened with the need to be everything for everyone, without the ability to relax into their feminine, or lean into natural desires to tend to hearth and home.

And since the turn of the last century – a full-blown ANGER toward men and an assault on the masculine has left so many of us feeling like we don't belong anywhere. Which is largely why we’re in the mess we’re in now.

Instead of true masculine skills and wisdom passed down from generation to generation… 

…We are being force-fed effeminating propaganda that’s both detrimental to men’s physical health and has also created an epidemic of debilitating mental health issues.

One option is numbing out – pursuing pleasures (drugs, sex, alcohol, video games, gambling, the list goes on) while feeling down on the planet and not sure how to live with purpose.

The thing is, while pleasure is not a problem (especially when you know how to hold your true masculine), the distraction factory offered up by the globalist agenda aims to emasculate men.

Every day, more of us recognize that the system is doing everything in its power to erode our confidence, negate our purpose, and steal our masculine birthright. It’s no wonder that even the strongest of men feel distracted from our greater purpose. 

Option two will enable you to exit the emasculation matrix and take a stand toward the world you want to create.

Read on for the details on how we can do it. Together. In fellowship.

Masculine virtues & vitality are being sacrificed on the altar of the globalist agenda

But you’re here, which means your eyes are wide open.

You see the dangers lurking behind seemingly innocent "men’s health" initiatives. And you’ve uncovered the lies perpetuated by the mainstream medical system. 

It's likely you’ve completely stopped believing the doctors that told so many of us that prostate cancer, ED, depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, even hair loss is an unavoidable result of getting older.  

Regardless of when you first lost that trust, if you're like most men, you've likely picked up a handful of coping habits that are no longer serving you. 

And you’re not sure how to break free and experience true change.

The kind that would garner you more respect, more authority, more power at home and at work.

You’d like to respect yourself more too, and positively affect the lives of others in a way that respects their agency.

This is your invitation to step up and be a noble warrior for the world you want to live in

Because every step we take towards true masculinity tramples down the lies of the “toxic masculinity” agenda.


The antidote to the feminizing lies you’ve been sold by the mainstream medical matrix

Take charge of your own health through informed choices, understanding the impact of nutrition, avoiding harmful substances, and engaging in practices that support physical and mental well-being.

Get the support you need to help your body, mind, and soul look, feel, and function better.

This holistic approach includes diet, exercise, mental health strategies, and detox protocols.


Let’s unite in fellowship to reclaim our true masculine birthright and carve out new, much-needed space for strong men in this world.

It’s past time for us to be truly valued for our strength, courage, resilience, leadership, and true masculinity. Creating a new village model for the betterment of society, and for our future.

It all starts with claiming your health autonomy and healing your body.


Step 1

VIP Monthly Lecture

Every month, Dr. Andy or a world-class guest expert will tackle a new men’s health issue. For men, by men. You better believe the intel you’ll be getting here is NOT available anywhere else.

Step 2

Customized True Masculine Healing Information

You’ll be supported to use the knowledge you gain from the monthly lecture to support your optimal health and vitality with my proprietary health protocol.

Step 3

A Monthly Protocol Support Q&A

The protocol introduced in the lecture will be up for discussion during the Protocol Support Q&A. Stay on track, get support for your protocol, and get your questions answered.

Step 4

Show up inside an exclusive peer-led community of like-minded men

This is a place for men who, like you, are tired of being villainized by the feminazi globalist agenda, searching for true answers to men’s health issues, and ready to turn the “toxic masculinity” narrative on its head.

True Masculine Health Topics Include:

  • Fertility
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Maximizing Athletic Performance
  • Prostate Shrinking
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Testosterone Reclamation
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Dopamine Addiction Detox
  • Obesity and Metabolic Health
  • Fatherhood, Relationships, and Marriage
  • Fertility, STDs, and Sexual Performance

Plus you’ll also:

Get the opportunity to be involved in peer accountability.

Significantly enhance your motivation to maintain healthy habits, and pursue true masculinity goals with confidence.

Discover a place to explore truth, so you can reframe the false narrative around “toxic masculinity.”

No cancel-culture here. Explore real issues through uncensored dialogue in a brotherhood.

Explore a balanced and healthy concept of masculinity that counters negative stereotypes.

Foster characteristics like resilience, leadership, and compassion without succumbing to toxic traits.

Receive free access to the True Living Fellowship membership.

(For freedom-focused truth seekers.)

“I am a member of True Living Fellowship. This was the best talk EVER! So informative… explains disease.” —M

Have the option to get in on group consultations.

Perfect for addressing straightforward health concerns.

Get personalized recommendations from me in a small group setting.

Upgrade to individualized support with 1:1 private consultations.

Perfect for discussing complex or sensitive health issues.

Get my undivided attention, so you can get to the root of the issue and finally help your body heal itself.

We’ll deep dive into game-changing topics like:

  • Mastering life’s basics for men. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to discover which life skills will help you level-up as a man fastest.
  • How to enhance physical health for sustained vitality and peak performance.
  • How to naturally elevate your testosterone levels, to improve strength, vitality, and focus.
  • The impact of alcohol on hormonal health and lifestyle choices for balanced well-being.
  • Which foods to avoid for hormonal balance and overall health optimization.
  • The science-backed benefits of a ketogenic diet for energy, mental clarity, and weight management.
  • How to fine-tune workout regimens for efficient muscle gains.
  • How to minimize exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals for optimal well-being.
  • Which habits deter women from fully engaging in a meaningful relationship, and what you should do instead.
  • And much, much more!

Get access to men’s health research, proprietary protocols, and support so you can achieve the level of true masculinity you’ve been striving for

Month after month, you’ll get the inside scoop on men’s health issues the mainstream medical system doesn’t want you to know about.


LIVE Monthly Lectures:

Each month you’ll be invited to attend the LIVE lecture, and the subsequent Protocol Q&A. The lectures and monthly Protocol Q&A sessions are designed to work hand-in-hand.

During the lecture, we’ll take a deep dive into the topic, and you’ll get the True Masculine health information for the month. Then, you’ll have a few weeks to try it out. And mid-month, you’ll get an invite to a Protocol Q&A session, where you’ll get support to refine the protocols even further. Just real answers for your lived experience. Every month.

Month 1

Hair Regrowth

Learn what factors are contributing to male pattern baldness. Is it the fate of aging or something else?

I’ll divulge a protocol to regrow your hair the natural way, so you can update your appearance, bolster your self-esteem, and assert yourself more confidently in your role as protector.

Month 2

Detoxification for Men

Our bodies are exposed to a myriad of water and fat soluble toxic chemicals that can sap your masculine energy if left unchecked. In this lecture, you’ll be introduced to the power of detoxification.

You’ll discover how detox works to heal your body from the inside out. Plus, you’ll gain a better understanding of how various protocols work to rid your body of poisons that can slow your testosterone production and steal your masculinity.

Month 3

Prioritizing Prostate Health

Middle aged and older men often suffer from urinary problems. So in this session, we’ll take a look under the hood (figuratively speaking!) to understand what’s causing your prostate to grow.

Plus, discover why prostate cancer is not the threat the mainstream medical system wants you to think it is, and why you should avoid prostate surgery like the plague. (I’ll share a protocol you can use to get your prostate back down to size!)

Month 4

Confronting Low Testosterone

In this pivotal lecture, you’ll learn exactly how our exposure to xenoestrogens and the rallying cry of mainstream medical doctors that “cholesterol is bad” have seriously reduced your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

We’ll discuss the risks of testosterone replacement therapy. And I’ll divulge a protocol that naturally boosts your testosterone levels, so you can increase your masculinity – without the potentially grave side-effects associated with synthetic testosterone.

Month 5

Addiction: How it’s Getting in Your Way

Modern cultural influence has led to widespread addictive behavior. In fact, you’ve probably been ensnared by at least one of these addictions: pornography, spectator sports, beer, sugar, or social media. But there is a way to break free from addictive behavior and reclaim control over your life.

In this session, you’ll find out exactly how addicted you actually are, and how to conduct a dopamine detox, so you can permanently manage these behaviors, instead of being controlled by them.

Month 6

Maximizing Athletic Performance and Physique

In this session, I’ll debunk common myths and bad advice about working out including:

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Longevity
  • Bodybuilding

Plus, you’ll get an evidence-based training plan to help you develop your masculine body – without spending hours at the gym everyday.

And you’ll learn exactly how to speed up recovery from acute and chronic sports and overuse injuries like tendinitis, muscle pulls and tears, so you can get back in the game sooner.

Month 7

Defending Masculine Health Against Obesity and Metabolic Conditions

Discover the underlying causes that make men more susceptible to heart attacks. You’ll also uncover the truth about diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Plus, find out how men can maintain a healthy weight and improve their metabolic health, so they can remain physically capable and resilient.

You’ll leave this session armed with nutritional knowledge and a fail-safe protocol to optimize your cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Month 8

Fatherhood, Relationships, and Marriage

In this session, I’ll discuss how to find a partner and start a family in the context of our current cultural mess of confused gender roles.

You’ll learn what a man’s role is and how to manifest true masculinity in your family, so you can build stronger, more fulfilling relationships with your wife and children.

Month 9

Fertility, STD’s, and Sexual Performance

Ever wonder…

🤔 What causes sperm count to take a nose-dive?

🤔 What STD’s really are and if they’re caused by germs?

🤔 Or why some men have difficulty with erections?

In this session, you’ll get answers to these questions. Plus, I’ll share meaningful steps men can take to resolve these problems which ultimately contribute to their overall life satisfaction and happiness.

Month 10

Conquering Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

In this session, you’ll discover why some men get “man boobs,” how they can affect a man’s self image.

We’ll also explore two options for developing a more masculine chest including:

  1. A realistic look at surgery.
  2. Non-invasive nutrition and fitness protocols.

And even if you’re confident in your self image, you’ll see how you can optimize your nutrition and fitness plan, so you can truly look and feel your best every day.

Here’s what people are saying about my lectures:

“Really looking forward to watching it. Thank you for everything you've done, Andrew Kaufman. Every bit of truth takes us closer to freedom.”

—James M.

“All your efforts are more than appreciated. You've been instrumental in a true comprehension of our status in a multitude of ways. Peace to you and yours.”

—Rodney W.

“Dr. Andy is wonderful. Please keep doing what you're doing. You are a blessing to those of us who don't trust the system.”


“That was a really wonderful presentation! I got so much out of it.”


“Got the workshop & I am impressed! Thanks.”



Proprietary Protocols:

Over the past several years I’ve continued to uncover and debunk lies propagated by the modern medical establishment

And now, I’ve dug deep into the science to bring you answers to men’s health issues, so you can reclaim medical sovereignty.

If you’re like most men, you probably hate doctors. And your feelings are vindicated when the only answers they give to your concerns are things like, “it’s just part of aging,” or the equivalent of “take two pills and…” well, they don’t want you to call them in the morning, or any other time for that matter. Because they know they’ve got nothing in their pharmaceutical arsenal that will actually get to the root cause of your concern, truly heal your body, and increase your masculinity. They want to keep men emasculated as “soy boys.” 

And that’s exactly why over the coming months you’ll gain access to all of my proprietary men’s health protocols. (And if you’re a Premium or VIP member, when you attend a group consult you’ll get access to any protocol you need, even if it hasn’t been released yet as one of the monthly protocols.) It’s time to take back your health autonomy. And to do that, you need tested protocols to address the underlying health issues that cause men to doubt their masculinity.

“I really enjoyed the group format and it was a pleasure to meet Dr Kaufman and learn from the others in the session as well.” —R.

“Already I've noticed I can train a little longer, more frequently and harder.” —D.

Here are just some of the proprietary men’s health protocols you’ll have access to:

Hair Regrowth Protocol:

A receding hairline, or thinning hair is not inevitable. You can reduce hair loss, improve scalp health, and could even regrow your hair.

Prostate Shrinking Protocol:

Reduce prostate size, alleviate symptoms such as frequent urination and difficulty in emptying the bladder.

Cardiovascular Disease Protocol: 

Significantly lower your risk of heart disease. Proactively improve heart function, circulation, and blood pressure levels, so you can actively participate in all the adventures on your bucket list.

Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) Protocol:

Balance your hormone profile and reduce extra breast tissue. Regardless of your current chest size, this protocol promotes physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle, so you can confidently take on whatever life throws your way.

Dopamine Addiction Detox Protocol:

Reset your brain’s dopamine system to reduce cravings and addictive behaviors. Improve mental clarity and focus, and emotional well-being.

Fertility Protocol:

Support hormonal balance to enhance reproductive health and improve the chances of conception.

Testosterone Reclamation Protocol:

Reclaim your natural testosterone levels (they don’t have to drop off as you age!) Experience improved muscle mass, strength, and energy levels. And also increase libido, mood, and mental sharpness.

Acute, Chronic, or Overuse Injury Recovery Protocol:

Get back to doing what you love faster and stronger than ever. Reduce discomfort and experience accelerated healing. Increase strength and flexibility so you can build resilience and prevent re-injury.

Muscle Building Protocol:

Maximize your gains, improve your strength, and enhance your overall fitness. Designed with the busy man in mind, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see on the scale and in the mirror without spending hours a day at the gym.

These proprietary men’s health protocols are engineered to trigger a cascade of collateral benefits

Here’s how:

💪 When you’ve got healthy testosterone levels, muscle mass improves (and fat mass decreases). You’ll enjoy a fitter physique, which leads to…

🏋️‍♂️ Greater strength (bigger muscles) that enable you to lift heavier weights and perform more demanding physical tasks, which leads to…

😎 Increased confidence as you start to feel more capable and empowered by your increased physical abilities, which leads to…

🤔 Clear decision-making as you feel more assured in your choices and less likely to second-guess yourself, which leads to…

🎯 Sharper focus as you start to feel even more motivated and driven to pursue your goals with clarity and determination, which leads to…

😊 Less depression because all of those things ☝ (physical fitness, confidence, improved decision-making, and sharper focus) contribute to your overall mental well-being, which promotes a more positive outlook on life. When you feel on purpose, you can effect change and stop holding yourself back. 

And that’s exactly what happened to A.R:

“After starting to know Andy, what he recommends in general, like his, modus operandi, or whatever you want to call it. So I just did that and everything just started to change from there on. After 30 days my depression went away. A depression that had lasted for 12 years.

Even if you only need a little “tune-up,” getting your testosterone and other male hormones up at optimal levels will unlock so many benefits for you (and your family and friends). 

You’ll be sharper, more decisive, and more clear-headed. And your new sense of purpose will draw people to you in new ways (confidence is attractive!) 

And as you continue to debunk the lies of “toxic masculinity” that have ensnared men for generations, and get into a positive cycle of true masculinity, you’ll feel empowered to take on new responsibilities to fuel your personal growth.

Become A Founding Member of the


Claim true health & true masculinity with game changing men’s health protocols


  • Monthly Men’s Health Lectures & Bespoke Protocols with Dr. Andy
    A deep dive into a pressing men’s health issue, plus a protocol to help you overcome it. (Value: $1200)
  • Surprise Guest Lectures 
    Get inspired by men who embody the ideals of true masculinity. Replays available. (Value $800)
  • Proprietary Men’s Health Protocols
    Step-by-step protocols to help your body increase (or maintain) its true masculinity. (Value $1200)
  • Monthly Protocol Support Q&A
    Get answers to help you maximize the benefit of the men’s health protocols. (Value $300)
  • Private, Online, Peer-Led Men’s Community
    Join a brotherhood of men in pursuit of true masculinity. (Value $300)
  • VIP Discounts on 1:1 Consults*
    Insider deals on customized support from Dr. Andy about your specific men’s health concerns.

    As a member, you’ll get $100 off the regular 1-hour consult rate.
    (Reg. $800, for you – $700)

  • VIP Discounts on Group Consults*
    Great rates to get personalized recommendations from Dr. Andy in a small group setting.
    (Reg. $200, for you – $147)
  • True Living Fellowship Membership First Month FREE 
    A welcoming community of truth seekers. Plus, enlightening masterclasses, relevant book recommendations, course discounts, and so much more. (Value $25)

*While you can purchase private or group consults, the Core membership does not include group or private consultation calls. If you’d like to experience group or 1:1 coaching with Dr. Andy Kaufman, check out the Premium or VIP membership options.

VALUE: $3800



— or —


(2 months free with annual membership!)





Level up your experience with group consults for bespoke support

Includes everything in Core membership, PLUS:

  • Up to 1x/Per Month Group Consult (with Access to Relevant Protocols)
    Create a transformation plan, pinpoint your next steps, and see results faster.
    Get personalized guidance from me, so you can maximize the benefit of the protocol specifically for your body. (Value: $2400)
  • Access to Any Protocol When You Attend a Group Consultation
    You’ll have access to any of my proprietary protocols – you don’t need to wait for it to be featured.
  • True Living Fellowship Membership: FREE
    Includes monthly masterclass, book recommendations, access to a vibrant community of truthers, discounts on courses, and so much more. (Value: $300)

VALUE: $6500



— or —


(2 months free with annual membership!)





Radically transform with a 1:1 mentorship via VIP consults with Dr. Andy

Includes everything in Premium membership, PLUS:

  • Up to 1x/Per Month PRIVATE Consult with Dr. Andy Kaufman (with Direct Email Follow-Up)
    During your monthly 1:1 session, you’ll have my undivided attention, which means we have time to discuss your health history in greater detail. We’ll get past your symptoms and dive deep into what’s really blocking the true masculine health you seek.
    These VIP 1:1 consultations are 100% private and confidential. (Value: $9600)

*VIP memberships are limited, so if you prefer 1:1 consults, secure your space now.

VALUE: $16,100



— or —


(2 months free with annual membership!)




PLUS! Join as a founding member and you’ll get immediate access to these bonuses:

Bonus # 1: The Power of Pine Workshop

Heal your body from the inside out when you combine the Power of Pine with its corresponding protocol.

I'll show you exactly how to get rid of fat-soluble toxins. So you can start to feel your absolute best, right away.

This game-changing workshop is usually $97USD, but as a special bonus, you’ll get access to it with your membership.

Bonus # 2: Become a Man in the Eyes of the Law

In this masterclass, you'll discover what your proper role is in the legal system and how you can handle legal situations with greater confidence and clarity.

So you can stop cowering away from debt collection, child support, marriage, and divorce, traffic tickets, buying a home, and even criminal charges.

Reclaim your true masculinity, get the life you want, and live with purpose. Join us today.

Thinking about VIP membership with 1:1 consults?

Here’s what recent clients had to say about their 1:1 (used with permission):

“The protocol that was recommended changed my life. I am eternally grateful for having gotten off all Rx drugs and have stabilized my body.”

“I am doing really well. I started eating meat again (mostly meat, eggs, scallops as well as lots of fruit) reading lots of analog books instead of screen time at night, weight training, drinking bone broth, added minerals to my distilled water etc. My sleep, anxiety and frequent urination is significantly better. I still have sleeplessness at night but it’s much better. I feel like several more months down the road, I’ll be even better.”


Imagine a band of brothers pursuing true masculinity, together

Every single month you’ll be invited to attend a lecture on an important men’s health topic.

We’ll take a deep dive into new and comprehensive health information. And you’ll see how to apply what you’ve learned with relevant and practical health tips, healing techniques, or written protocols that will help you address your most pressing manly health and development needs.

Later in the month, once you’ve had a chance to start working through the process, you’ll be invited to an exclusive Q&A session.

During that Q&A session we can discuss your progress and I’ll give you specific recommendations that will help you receive the greatest benefit from the protocol, so you can achieve your health goals faster.

Inside the True Masculinity Fellowship:

Nothing is off the table when it comes to talking about topics relating to men’s health, nutrition, and ditching the “toxic masculinity” narrative.

Bring your whole self: all the questions, thoughts, and opinions you’ve based your lived experience on, so you can find the truth. Then you can plan a path through your current reality and live the life of your dreams as the man you were created to be. 

Get answers for questions you wouldn’t ask your golf buddies.

This is NOT going to a doctor. It’s not about “opening up.” And you certainly won’t be told to just “man up.” 

But you will get to talk about real men’s issues with other men. 

The powers that be want to keep men emasculated instead of strong, truth warriors who’ll stand up to their totalitarian agenda. 

And they do that by keeping men busy, watching sports (instead of playing them), promoting life-numbing habits, and creating a cultural narrative that has men holding onto negative emotions.

And then, Big Brother swoops in with programs to try to solve the very problems they’ve created: drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and depression.

But you don’t have to let them win the battle for your masculinity. You can connect with other men and learn to express emotions in a healthy way, because that’s what makes us human.

You’ll get real answers with real results, so you can show up as the best version of who you are today.

“So many things that are changing and you know I'm still changing every single day. It's a transformative change. It's like I changed into a totally different person and this actually saved my life, these recommendations and protocols.” —A.R.

Meet your mentor

Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Hey there, I’m Andy.

We might have been introduced several years ago when I blew the whistle on the Plandemic and got fired from my position as a psychiatrist. Or perhaps a friend shared one of my many YouTube videos with you. Or it could be that we’ve met via Zoom on a live masterclass in my True Living Fellowship.

I’m a straight-shooter, and you’ll always get the unvarnished truth from me. And if you’ve checked out my posts and videos on Instagram,YouTube, or Rumble you know I’m all about uncovering the truth.

Big Pharma and the modern medical establishment promotes so many things in the name of health, only to line their pockets.

It’s time to unveil the truth about testosterone and its role in men’s health.

I’ve already debunked the cholesterol theory and shown how it’s actually critical for the production of testosterone. I’ve developed healing protocols, including one for hair regrowth (you’ll be shocked by my before / after photos). And now, I’m creating space for men who want to enhance their masculinity through better health.

Men’s masculine health is the first step to changing the narrative around what it means to be a true man.

Let’s take back masculinity from the “toxic” labels, and build a stronger future for ourselves, our family, and our world.

In truth, health, and masculinity,

Frequently asked questions


The True Masculinity Fellowship is perfect for you if…

You want to stay away from the doctor’s office (no doctor-patient relationships here!)

 But you’re ready for more than a book or YouTube video to help you get to the bottom of the niggling (or more obvious) health concerns, so you can increase your true masculinity.

And, if at least 3 of these bulleted points sound like you, you should join the brotherhood inside the True Masculinity Fellowship:

  • You don’t think your receding hairline is sexy, and you want to regrow your hair.
  • You’d like to increase your libido – sometimes you wonder if you’ve got ED (but you’re not ready to admit it).
  • You’d like a more muscular physique, but your current gym routine isn’t giving you the bulk you hoped.  
  • You’d like (or like to keep) a relationship with a high-value woman, someone who brings out the best version of the man you aspire to be.
  • You’re taking testosterone but worried about what it’s really doing to your health.
  • You’ve been through a divorce, or been cheated on, and you’re not sure how to move forward. 
  • You’ve had surgery, but there were complications and you’re trying to figure out how to get your life back. 
  • You’re dealing with addictions and ready to break free from their stronghold and take charge of your life. 
  • You tried conventional medicine, and it hasn’t increased your masculinity (and the side effects are more than you’re willing to put up with).
  • You’re ready to step into the discipline that’s required to increase your masculinity

If you said yes to at least 3 of these, join the True Masculinity Fellowship and say ‘hell yes!’ to fighting against the mainstream medical establishment by taking back your health autonomy and increasing your masculinity to expand your role as defender of society!

It’s not too late to turn things around. Throw off the smothering cloak of lies preached by the globalist agenda. And exude your true masculinity.

It’s time to stand up for men’s masculine health.

It’s time to claim your health autonomy and turn the tables on the agenda of “Big Pharma” and governments that legalize ways for men to numb themselves with easy addictions. 

It’s time to band together and say no to the distractions that keep strong men down and allow weak men to rule. 

You can say no to the pharmaceuticals, the drugs, alcohol, junk food, and social media addictions that have numbed your senses and slowly stolen your masculinity. 

You can break free from the bondage of the “toxic masculinity” narrative – the pervasive psychological operation designed to keep you from finding your true purpose as a man. You don’t have to be a vegetarian. You can eat real meat (in fact, I insist!) 🥩

Men don’t have to succumb to society’s nefarious agenda that steals men’s masculinity and strips them of respect.

You are destined for so much more.

You could have the body of a younger man again. You could reclaim power and dominion over your life, cultivate resilience, and develop an unbreakable spirit. You could exude the confidence of a true leader, at work and home.

And while it might feel like time is running out for you. Perhaps you feel yourself getting weaker, less virile, and you worry that you’ve missed your opportunity for connection, for family, for love. 

All is not lost. Even if you feel like you’ve lost your way. That’s why I created The True Masculinity Fellowship, so those of us who might feel a bit lost can band together and find our way back to the best versions of ourselves. There’s power in a brotherhood of men increasing their true masculinity.

You can take matters into your own hands, harness your male energy, and redefine your true masculinity.

“Ever since I started working for Andy, I got exposed to all these new ideas about health that I wasn’t privy to earlier. His approach not only alleviated my physical and mental health issues but also saved my life.”—A.R.

The men who are willing to have this conversation are few and far between.

So finding a circle of friends you can really talk to about these things might feel impossible. Up until now. 

With so many men being demonized for speaking up about real issues, and cancel culture indiscriminately “canceling” men for even thinking about questioning the ideals of the reigning regime, it’s hard to find a safe space to sort out your thoughts. 

You might test the waters on these topics with coworkers, or the guys you call when you want to grab a beer and shoot the breeze, but finding a brotherhood of truthers can be a painstaking process.

And that’s exactly why I created a men’s health membership program.

You being here means you’re reshaping the future for men everywhere. As you rise into your masculinity, you inspire others to do the same.